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We are aware of the fact that there is a significant connection between the quality of the sound in a gaming environment and the overall quality of the gaming experience that can be had in that environment. Because no gamer wants to make concessions in terms of sound quality, we are witnessing an increase in the demand for gaming headphones in the market.

Our staff at Eastside Writers has compiled a list that has been exhaustively evaluated to provide you with the top goods of all time so that you can purchase the best headphones at a price that is acceptable. There are no concessions made with regard to either the quality of the product or the price.

Enhance your gaming experience with our highest-quality headphones, which are made accessible to you gamers exclusively. Read the list, and then buy the most iconic headphones for yourself and the people you care about. Only with these three elements present can one hope for the finest potential game experience:

The dazzling acoustic quality

Exceptional level of connectivity

A soothing experience for your ears.

Why limit it to just games? Because these gaming headphones are of such high quality, you can literally watch your favourite series while listening to your favourite music and watching your favourite action-packed movies while wearing them. The sound quality that you receive from these gaming headphones will be of the highest possible standard and will not cause you any discomfort or technical problems.

But before you go out and buy any of the mobile gaming headphones, you should give some thought to the following things, which are vital to know in order to make the best option for your gaming headphones.

Play Game With Headphone

When looking to purchase headphones, one of the most significant qualities to look for its durability. And it goes without saying that no one wants to waste their money on things that are not long-lasting and do not function effectively for an extended period of time.

As a result, it is essential to investigate the components that are utilised in the construction of the headphones in order to guarantee their durability.


The majority of the headphones should be avoided since the feature that allows for background noise cannot be turned off. As a consequence of this, you should always choose headphones that come equipped with the technology or features necessary to cut down on ambient noise and enhance the quality of your gaming experience.


This is a decision that is completely up to you as an individual, and it is not one that anybody else can sway you on. In addition, the sound quality of the headphones, regardless of whether they are wired or wireless, will be improved thanks to new technological advancements and features.

Now we’ll get to the list. After putting more than 15 different gaming headphones through their paces, we came up with this list. All of the available mobile gaming headphones have been evaluated by our team in terms of their sound quality, design and style, affordability, comfort and compatibility, technology that reduces ambient noise, and capacity. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s begin the list.

Stellsereise Artics 1 wired on-ear Headphones.

Stellsereise Artics 1 wired on-ear Headphones.

As a result of the fact that this gaming headphone is one of our favourites, it is at the top of the list. We had a lot of fun putting these headphones through their paces during the testing process because the functions on them had been significantly upgraded.

It has such a pleasant feel to it and produces an excellent sound, both of which are very exceptional qualities considering its price point. I was under the impression that there was no wifi connectivity, however, that does not seem to have much of an impact on the sound quality.

The Quality of the Design and Construction

If you give it a quick glance, you will notice that it is reminiscent of the Arctis line, with its conspicuous plush covers and slightly oblong earcups that have been given a squared-off appearance. We are able to remark that it is not very fashionable, but in comparison to its cost, it is of quite high quality. The body is constructed out of plastic, and the fact that it is completely black lends an air of sophistication and allure to the product.

Moving on to the construction quality, the longevity of use for this gaming headphone is certain to be quite high. The body is extremely sturdy, yet it can be bent in many different directions thanks to the earcups. The exterior of the headphones has a very smooth and pliable texture that slides, the buttons are arranged in the appropriate pattern, and overall, you will have a sense of relaxation once you begin using them.

Compatibility and connectivity go hand in one.

In-ear headphones from Stellsereise called the Artics 1 are compatible with any and all recent gaming consoles and handhelds. It just has a single wired 3.5 mm connector, but you can use it to connect it to your computer, PS4, Xbox, and switch all at the same time.

It is possible to link it to any device, ranging from your smartphone to game consoles. Because it includes a feature that allows for extended range, it will still deliver the same level of sound precision and consistency regardless of how far away you are when using it.

Sound Quality 

According to our assessment, it possesses a pleasant and well-balanced sound, along with outstanding vocal and instrumental details. The bass is acceptable, and the midrange is quite good. The frequency of the sound is neither particularly good nor particularly poor, but the accuracy of the bass is spot on. If you are playing an action game, you will experience the bass and sound frequency in a very comfortable tone that is not harsh on your ears. This will be the case because the game was designed with comfort in mind.

The sound quality is consequently quite good and works very well with every voice note. Whether it is automobiles, gunfire, the solid voice of your game, or lovely music singers, it will never fail you with its sound effects. In addition, the sound effects interact very well with each other.

Verdict: Should you buy this headphones

After putting this device through its paces, we are confident in recommending it to any and all players. It is a really fantastic gaming headset that is not only fashionable and beautiful looking but also very technologically advanced in terms of the sound quality and features that it possesses. These headphones are an absolute need if you are the type of person who spends virtually the entire day playing video games.

Hyper X Cloud Stinger Wired Over year Gaming Headphones. 

Hyper X Cloud Stinger Wired Over year Gaming Headphones. 

In HyperX’s lineup of gaming headsets, the Cloud Stinger is an excellent choice for a pair of headphones to use when playing. It stands out from similar products on the market thanks to a frame made of metal, larger drivers, and a microphone that can be removed.

After putting it through its paces, we came to the conclusion that it is an excellent purchase for anybody who likes to play video games and listen to music in their spare time. This headset was developed specifically for console gamers, and it strikes a good mix between the audio quality it delivers and the level of comfort it offers.

The Quality of the Design and Construction

The Cloud Stinger is a headset that has a matte black finish and comes in the form of a cloud. It has an acceptable appearance. It has a very polished and slick appearance. Just a few minutes of utilising it will be all it takes for you to feel relaxed and at ease. The body is constructed out of plastic, which is quite long-lasting.

You won’t have any trouble transporting it thanks to its low weight, whether you’re moving it around your house or carrying it outside to your garden. It is also creating pop culture fashion statements, so if you are someone who is someone who is not only into hardcore gaming but also into pop music like BTS or Justin Beiber, then you should add this to your sense of fashion.

Because the earcups are soft and well-padded, you won’t experience any discomfort when wearing them on your ears. Because the earcups are large enough to envelop your entire body, not a single sound detail will escape your attention. The fact that this headset cannot be folded up into a more portable form like some others can be considered a minor disadvantage of this earphone

Sound Quality 

In terms of both sound quality and the quality of the sound effects, it is superb. Because of the excellent tuning of its bass, you won’t miss a single sound even if you turn up the volume on your games to an extremely high level. You’ll be able to play party music without any background sound disruption because of the bass’s extremely low-frequency range and high pitch. The tuning in the midrange is spot on, and the range itself works wonderfully.

If you are conversing with your friends while playing games like Free Fire, you will be able to understand what they are saying because the variations in sound frequency rate will ultimately result in a more authentic and lifelike sound experience. The Hyper X Cloud Stinger Wired Over-ear Gaming Headphones have a sound quality that is really clear, as was discovered by us.

The microphones are positioned optimally within the headphones, and although they will not provide you with sound quality that is out of this world, they will provide you with the sound quality that you desire while you are engaged in your favourite gaming activities.

Verdict: Should you buy this headphones 

When we take into account its versatility and longevity, we are confident in recommending it to you as the best option. It has a very good sound quality and is consistent across its range, all of which contribute to the fact that it is very durable.

On the other hand, if you are willing to shell out a bit more cash, our team strongly suggests that you invest in a different headset that is genuinely worthy of the high cost. It is a highly respectable headset that has been kept in good condition.

Razer Blackshark V2 X Wired on Ear Headphones 

Razer Blackshark V2 X Wired on Ear Headphones 

This is a high-quality headphone that won’t break the bank. Even in a noisy area, the sound quality is high-quality and very effective, allowing you to experience each and every bit of the audio. A person who plays video games for extended periods of time would benefit greatly from purchasing this item due to its high level of comfort and gorgeous design.

In spite of the fact that it does not have a lot of functions, it does include a downloadable component that is a virtual soundstage. The microphones are operating really effectively right now. They have the ability to record every sound in a tone that is crystal clear.

Design and Construction

The headset has an oval ear cup form, which gives it an entirely unique appearance. In addition to this, the headphone has a shiny black plastic colour, including a neon outline, and it has a thin cable, which sets it apart from other headphones in terms of its design. There are interesting parallels to be drawn between the Razer Blackshark V2 X Wired on Ear Headphones and the headphones worn by pilots of helicopters, particularly with regard to the colour and design of the headphones.

The quality of its construction is excellent, despite the fact that its design and aesthetics are not particularly impressive. Leatherette is used for the construction of the ear cups’ main bodies on the inside, while the regular fabric is used for the section of the ear cups that rests against your face on the outside. As a consequence of this, when you place it on your ears, you will feel a foam structure that is wrapped around your ear and that is also capable of compressing.

We discovered when we were wearing it that the ear cups are so technologically advanced that they can actually absorb sweat and provide outstanding comfort to the wearer. This aspect of the situation came as such a shock to us. You won’t have any trouble transporting these headphones because of their long-lasting and sturdy construction.

When it comes to the wire, has a length of 4.2 feet and is encased in a substance that is similar to soft plastic. In addition to this, it is incredibly lightweight, which means that when you wear it, you will hardly even feel its presence on your head.

Connectivity and Compatibility 

The BlackShack V2 X comes equipped with a single 3.5mm connection, making it compatible with the vast majority of modern electronic devices, including personal computers, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and smartphones

Sound Quality:

This headset satisfies all of your requirements for gaming sound since it possesses superior audio as well as microphone functions. The 50mm TRI-Force Drivers offered by Razer offer an entirely new design for the audio configuration, which the business has gone on to patent. You may practically set your voice pitch anywhere from low to medium to high using this tool, and you can adjust the audio frequency to correspond with your preferences.

The combination of these three audio drivers will provide you with a voice that is crystal clear, a powerful bass, and rich voices. The Blackshark V2 X’s Hyperclear Cardioid Microphone helps provide improved voice pickup by lowering background noise, which is the most significant barrier to producing clear sound. This is because background noise is the most common source of interference.

We would like to bring one point to your attention. You will need to download an application in order to make use of surround sound, which refers to either the Razer Synapse programme or 7.1 surround sound. And in order to take advantage of the 7.1 surround sound, you will need to enter a code that is conveniently located on the back of the packaging. This code will lead you to the necessary steps to take in order to download the software from Razer’s website so that you may use this feature.

Verdict: Should you buy this headphones 

Excellent headphones are provided by Razer in the form of the Blackshark V2 X Wired in-Ear Headphones. Because of its remarkable longevity and high sound quality, it is an excellent option for gamers. It is a valuable product that does not give you the impression that you have spent your money within the context of its range. Ear cups that are not only stunning in style but also extremely lightweight and comfy provide you with an entire package of desirable attributes.

boAt Immortal IM 1000D Dual Channel Wired Over-Ear Headphones 

Boat Headphone

You should know that whenever we utilise boAt items, we experience something quite remarkable. This organisation has its roots in India, and it is widely recognised for its expertise in marketing as well as the quality of the technological items it produces. Consequently, when we evaluated the BoAt Immortal IM 1000D Dual Channel Wired Over-Ear Headphones, we were really impressed by the sound quality of the headphones.

These headphones produce a sound that is so vivid, crisp, and potent that they will unquestionably give the wearer the impression of being a real player. You absolutely need to acquire these headphones if you want to bring out your inner gamer and boost up your audio game with 7.1 Channel Surround Sound and Dolby Atmos.

The Quality of the Design and Construction

When it comes to the look of the headphones, there are two colour options to choose from: white-grey and black. Both colours have a wonderful coating and polish to them. You will seem fashionable while using these headphones due to their excellent overall shape, which includes the earcups as well as the headband.

Regarding the longevity of this product, we would like to point out that while it does not have the same longevity as other products, it is quite sturdy and pleasant. Both the headrest and the size can be customised. The body of the watch is constructed of plastic, with the exception of the belt, which is made of metal. In addition to that, it has a rexine coating, which not only gives you fluff but also increases your level of comfort. This is a really useful function.

Connectivity and compatibility:

In terms of its connectivity, the boAt Immortal IM-1000D over-the-ear headphone makes use of a 3.5mm audio connector, which is based on the most recent technological developments.

Sound Quality:

Moving on to the sound quality, which is an element that is present in every pair of headphones and is really significant, I have two points to make:
First, in order to get the most out of the sound quality of the boAt Immortal IM 1000D Dual Channel Wired Over-Ear Headphones, you will need to download and install two different software. These applications are the boAt Plugin Labz and the Dolby Access. Both can be downloaded from the official website of the BoAt, and if you have any problems doing so, there are instructions printed directly on the box itself.

Second, these two applications provide you with the ability to make modifications to the volume, modify the amplifying rate, and most notably, activate or disable 7.1 surround sound, which is an incredible feature. If you want headphones that are compatible with Dolby Atmos, you will first need to remove the boAt Plugin Labz software from your device. However, if you are a serious player of PUBG, you should not install Dolby Atmos because you won’t get any use out of it and it won’t improve your gaming experience in any way.

If we are talking about the sound quality as a whole, then it is extremely great, especially when you are playing a game like PUBG or Free Fire. If this is what we are talking about, then the sound quality is very good. Because the sound of every single movement is so distinct, it is possible to discern the direction in which enemies are walking, as well as the activities that are taking place while playing the game.

As a result, at the outset, we mentioned that the sound it produces is quite live and offers authentic effects. Every voice pitch, from low to medium to high, will provide you with the same high-quality sound as well as the same level of comfort, which will really get you thrilled to play more and more.

Verdict: Should you buy this headphones

boAt provides a wide variety of headphones, each of which may be purchased at a different price point. And this is a corporation that genuinely delivers quality in accordance with the sum of money it charges for its services to its consumers.

With the boAt Immortal IM 1000D Dual Channel Wired Over-Ear Headphones, we would like to say that if you are someone who is very much into gaming and needs headphones for high-level games, then this headphone is not only ideal but also the best choice for you.

If you are someone who is very much into gaming, then we would like to say that you are someone who is very much into gaming, then I would like to say that if you are someone, However, if you want headphones for watching movies and listening to music, we do not recommend that you get these headphones because of how poorly they work with the sounds of movies and music.


All of the headphones that were described above were put through nearly a month of rigorous testing by our reliable staff. This review of the products that we are offering here is wholly based on actual experiences that people have had with those products. These gaming headphones for mobile phones were specifically chosen by us out of the roughly one thousand distinct devices that are now available on the market.

If you read our review and then use your own judgement and common sense to select the best product for you based on what you’ve learned, we are confident that you won’t be let down by any of these options. Therefore, to obtain additional genuine information such as that, maintain a connection with us, and if you have any inquiries or questions, merely let us know in the comment box.

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