Partho Ghosh

Content Creator, Copy Writer and Journalist.

I help your brand speak through compelling content.
As a Content writing professional, I write accurate, unique, clear and quality content across various domains. Plus! With over 5 years of writing experience, I’ve also catered for my clients across all industries from fashion to construction with on-time delivery of content.


  • Blog posts
  • Web content
  • SEO, SEM
  • Press releases
  • Advertorial
  • Journalism
  • Ghost writing

WHO I’VE WORKED FOR: (details on request)

  • Digital marketing agencies
  • Fashion and lifestyle brands
  • Education and medical Writings
  • Finance and Politics (Journalism)
  • Food and Furnitures
  • PR firms
  • Non-profits
Partho Ghosh


Below are selected samples of my work


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Technical Communication – A New Throb In Writing Domain

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Priyanka Chopra Jonas, the glamorous beauty, shows off her lean back while relaxing at her restaurant in New York

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