Masturbation is when you touch your genitalia with your hand or fingers to make you feel sexually aroused. A man or woman who is addicted to masturbation doesn’t have to be single or live alone. Masturbation is a frequent behavior among those who enjoy sexual activity and feel the urge for it while they are alone.

History of Masturbation

Prehistoric rock drawings portray male and female masturbation. Most ancient people linked sexuality to natural abundance. A 4th-century BC figurine from Malta depicts a woman masturbating. Male masturbation was more widespread in ancient times.

From the beginning, the Sumerians were sexually liberal. The Sumerians believed masturbation increased men’s and women’s sexual potency and often did it alone and with couples. Puru oil, probably combined with crushed iron ore, was used to increase friction.

In Sumerian mythology, Enki created the Tigris and Euphrates rivers by masturbating in their empty riverbeds. Ancient Egyptian myths say that the god Atum made the universe by masturbating until he ejaculated.

A krater from 560-550 BC shows a satyr masturbating, which was a common scene on ancient Greek pottery. The ancient Greeks viewed masturbation as a normal and healthy sexual pleasure.

Ancient Greek comedy and ceramics provide the most information regarding masturbation. Aristophanes’ comedies are the best sources for ancient Greek ideas on masturbation. Ancient Greek pottery depicts satyrs masturbating.

The biographer Diogenes Lartius says that the Cynic philosopher Diogenes of Sinope, who lived in the fourth century BC, masturbated in public. When confronted, he remarked, “If only patting my tummy could eradicate hunger.” Diogenes said that Hermes came up with masturbation to help his son Pan, who wanted Echo but couldn’t get close to her. Young shepherds learned from Pan.

Aulus Gellius, a Latin writer from the second century, says that Empedocles’ fragment “O wretches, awful wretches, keep your hands off beans” is a metaphor for the testicles and is meant to keep men from “excess in venery.”

You may or may not be aware that your adolescent child is masturbating if you are their parent. On the other hand, self-pleasure is not seen as embarrassing, and masturbation is not seen as wrong or a sin.

Moving past the guilt or shame that people associate with practicing masturbation may be made easier by talking with a friend, medical expert, or therapist who specializes in sexual health.

The Unknowing Effect of Masturbation

Diminution of sexual sensitivity

Reduced sexual sensitivity may result from aggressive or excessive masturbation approaches. If a man is too rough when masturbating and grips his penis too tightly, he might not feel as much. Altering one’s strategy and giving it some time will help a man get through this obstacle.

In his twenties and thirties, If he is engaged in frequent sexual activity, particularly if he masturbated frequently. much moe than that is normal, may upset his routine or normal activities. Rarely, though, some people might miss important social events, work, or school. It may well impact a person’s commitments and relationships by interfering with their routine. serve as a diversion from interpersonal issues or as a substitute for practical experiences.

Guilt feeling due to over masturbation

Bad Effects of Extreme Masturbation

A person who masturbates more than 21 times per month may experience some ill effects. Men do a lot of things to stimulate themselves or masturbate, which could hurt their ability to do their jobs. Sometimes, these actions cause problems with how well people do their jobs (e.g., ED, delayed performance, reduced desire, and performance dissatisfaction).

So, when a man is with his real partner, he stops himself from getting a real erection. Men who watch porn to get horny may also have unrealistic expectations of their female partners and be upset when those expectations aren’t met.

If a person masturbates too much, it can have important negative effects, including sore genitalia, a drop in sperm count, Dhat syndrome, nightfall, a rash, redness, social withdrawal, low self-esteem, and a confused mind. A complete explanation of the problems mentioned above is provided below.

#1: Sore Genitals:

Men who masturbate often can get a condition called edema, which makes the penis swell up because of the constant irritation. Oedema is a condition where a region of the body swells up as a result of fluid retention in bodily tissue. This typically occurs when particular bodily components are subjected to severe pressure.

#2 Low Sperm Count:

Masturbating can be a healthy practice if done occasionally per month, claims Dr. Chirag Bhandari. Azoospermia is a bad side effect of masturbation that can happen when men or boys do it too much. This can be the cause of low sperm counts because it makes it harder for the body to make testosterone.

#3: Dhat Syndrome:

Dhat Syndrome is one of the main sexual health problems that men in India face. Dhat syndrome causes men to urinate while their sperm is being expelled. A study that came out in January 2015 in the International Journal of Medical Research and Health Sciences says that masturbation may cause DHA syndrome. In the future, this syndrome may be the main reason why men have problems like early ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and other issues related to ejaculation.

#4: Problems at night:

Men may have problems at night if they ejaculate while they sleep or if they have wet dreams. As a common side effect, men who masturbate for a long time or who use substances that make them sexually active may have trouble sleeping.

#5: Rash and Redness:

If you yank it too hard during the climax or squeeze your genitalia too tightly, you may need medical attention. These rashes are brought on by skin dryness, skin infections brought on by dirty hands, or by using inferior lubricants, which can also treat the adverse effects of masturbation. Side effects of male daily masturbation on the skin

#6. Social Distancing:

According to a psychology study, masturbation addiction may be one of the factors that cause males to avoid social meetings and events. The addict who is suffering prefers to stay at home rather than leave it more often. He prefers to stay in the room by himself the majority of the time. Additionally, he seldom comes up with justifications to avoid any public gatherings whatsoever.

#7: Low self-esteem:

Masturbation is bad habit

Men who masturbate more frequently than is recommended are coping with their anxiety and despair in their own unique ways. People like this have very little self-assurance and confidence in themselves, and they suffer from chronic social anxiety. They may feel more in control of their emotions for the time being, but masturbation ultimately makes them feel horrible about themselves.

#8. Lack of Focus:

Men who masturbate more than once per day tend to be addicted to it and look for excuses to skip work or class. These men have trouble focusing at work, which makes it hard for them to do well in school or on the job. But too much masturbation also makes men weak, which makes it hard for them to focus on their jobs.

Common misconceptions about masturbation is that:

  • It can cause hairy hands
  • It is a curse and a sin.
  • It might weaken men’s bodies.
  • They are perverts, whether they are male or female.
  • The idea that masturbation affects performance is unfounded.

Masturbation can also be advantageous!

Masturbation can help you feel less anxious and stressed. Sexologists we of the opinion that it releases a great amount of mental stress. The benefits of masturbation for physical and mental health are numerous.

Although few studies expressly address the advantages of masturbation, evidence suggests that sexual stimulation, especially that produced by masturbating, can relieve tension and release stress.

These are a few of them:

  • Improve sleep quality,
  • Focus, and mood enhancement
  • Eases menstrual cramps
  • Reduce depression and
  • Maintains normal sexual behavior

Masturbation has also been suggested as a way to improve sexual health by bringing people closer together, letting people explore their own pleasures, desires, and needs, lowering the risk of getting pregnant without meaning to, and stopping the spread of HIV and STIs.

Masturbation is a common way for people who don’t want to have sex or who aren’t already in a sexual relationship to get their sexual needs met. It also helps the sexual health of older women by reducing pain and dryness in the vaginal area.

A paper published in October 2016 in J Health Soc Behav says that men and women who masturbate regularly have better sex lives and are healthier. This is an interesting fact. Another sexual practice that relieves stress by providing pleasure and satisfaction is masturbation. It also serves as personal stimulation.

It is customary to press or rub the genitalia to achieve excitement. Either one can complete it independently or with a partner’s assistance. In both situations, the man finds the activity enjoyable and sensual. The procedure is harmless and healthy. Both men and women benefit from masturbation. Few of the common advantages are listed below.

  • They appreciate being stimulated sexually.
  • Their familiarity with their bodies increases.
  • It helps to express their feelings to one another.
  • Masturbation helps couples who can’t have sexual relations, either permanently or for a short time.
  • It aids them in improving the foreplay they have with themselves.
  • To further arouse and excite them, they could also employ toys or other things.
  • Self-satisfaction is masturbation’s other major benefit.
  • Masturbation is a way for men who are still single to satisfy their needs.

According to UNESCO’s programs on sexual education, masturbation can help lower the number of rapes in a country. We all need to recognize that engaging in sexual activity is normal human behavior.

Masturbation is the best way to satisfy this demand because it is so basic. If done correctly for a small number of days each month, it is rather secure and risk-free. People shouldn’t believe the myths and falsehoods about masturbation.

Five Ways to Break the Masturbation Habit

As long as you don’t overdo it or let it turn into an addiction, masturbation is actually beneficial to your health. It is now necessary for many people who have developed an addiction to masturbation to refrain from engaging in the behavior. Addiction to self-stimulating behaviors can lead to feelings of guilt and a host of other negative psychological repercussions.

These five practical strategies can help you overcome a masturbation addiction:

  • Accept that you have a persistent or real physical urge. Sexual desire is OK, and there are some artificial techniques to curb it.
  • By avoiding sexually explicit material, you can free up your mind to think about things that are more appropriate and useful.
  • Whether sexual problems are anticipated for medical or mental reasons, learn to deal with them, by diverting to the next best thing that is non-sexual and you love to do.
  • Sleep on time. If you spend too much time in bed before going to sleep, your mind may wander to different websites.
  • Keep your hands off your genitals and do not sleep in the nude.

When it creates health problems, consult a sexologist to take care of any issues including pain, an odd odor, or bloody pee or semen.

When to Worry

As a parent, you should know that teen masturbation can be dangerous in a few ways.

If your teen has been seen masturbating, videotaped, or is being bullied because of it, you can help them stop or lessen the embarrassment and bullying. If your teen has been bullied because they masturbated, you can be their ally.  While you encourage your child, remind your teen that any breach of privacy is illegal and is not the fault of the victimized youngster.

Physical discomfort: Using an over-the-counter lubricant can help with this problem when a stimulated area becomes sore. Consider hiding a bottle of lubricant where your teen can see it without being pointed out in the family medicine cabinet to avoid embarrassing him or her.

Physical harm: During vaginal or anal stimulation, a masturbation instrument may become lodged. Although they are uncommon if you think your child may be experiencing pain or discomfort in the genital region, check to see whether it is an emergency. Informing your teen that you may schedule a pediatrician visit or recommend going to the emergency room.

Inability to control one’s impulses: masturbating in public or too much is a problem and is often a sign of behavior problems. As a result of the disease, teens with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) may occasionally touch themselves sexually in public or engage in other inappropriate behaviors.

Autism-affected teenagers may masturbate compulsively or in public. You should consult a doctor for help if your adolescent exhibits these habits. Sometimes medicine is required, and other times behavioral or psychological treatment might be helpful. 

Excessive masturbation or an obsession with masturbation: Children who have been sexually abused may masturbate too much, become obsessed with sex or masturbation, or act in an inappropriate way when it comes to their sexuality.

Some common questions

Enjoying masturbation

What is a safe amount of masturbation?

Ans. Masturbation has no typical or maximum duration. Some people perform it regularly, others monthly, and yet others maybe once a month. If masturbation isn’t getting in the way of your relationships, daily activities, or other important tasks or making them worse, it’s happening at a normal rate.

Can masturbation make you weak?

Ans. You may be aware that masturbating weakens a person. However, this assumption is not supported by any evidence that I can find. Other myths and ideas, like the idea that masturbation makes you weak, include impotence, hairy hands, low sperm count, ED blindness, and many more.

3. Will masturbation cause a man’s testosterone levels to drop?

Ans. According to research, masturbation has only a minor effect on testosterone levels in the blood. However, overdoing it can cause testosterone levels to drop.

4. How can I tell if I am masturbating too much?

Ans. Excessive masturbation can be shown by doing it more than twice a day, skipping everyday tasks, hurting yourself while rubbing hard, spending less time with friends and family, going out and treating yourself, or always feeling aroused.

5. How many times per week should a man masturbate?

Ans. Ejaculating more frequently or less frequently than three times a week is entirely healthy! Men typically ejaculate between two and seven times per week on average. Weekly male masturbation has no negative side effects.


It’s normal to feel the desire to masturbate during youth because it shows interest in sex before starting an adult relationship. The natural gratification that comes with reproduction can be hastened by masturbation. But when it becomes an addiction or a source of self-hatred that never lets up, it’s probably time to cut back on the amount of time spent on self-service. The negative repercussions of masturbating are numerous.


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