Finding a true soulmate—or even a soulmate for that matter is different from finding your life spouse on a matrimonial website. It’s not like finding a boyfriend or a fiancé, for instance. You cannot search for your soulmate in the crowd, based on how you perceive them in your favorite Netflix series or Hollywood films.

Even if you don’t want to meet anybody new or aren’t even ready to start a relationship, your soulmate will find you when the time is right, naturally. Sometimes it does happen without your knowledge very unexpectedly or abruptly and believe me, it will seem like it has come out of nowhere.

What is meant by soulmate?

A soulmate is not a high school or college crush or a case of falling in love at first sight, which frequently turns sour after getting married or during the first few years of a partnership and usually ends in separation or divorce.

In actuality, a soulmate is essentially someone with whom you share the same soul bonding or who has shared your spiritual or lifetime journey across all of your existence. It happens spontaneously because it has to happen. Cosmic energy brings you together with a purpose. You both have to be together for a far higher purpose than you think or seem to know. Your soulmate could be anyone, including your parents, siblings, friends, business partners, coworkers, grandparents, children, or even a romantic partner.

Soulmate means always together

If you haven’t yet found your soul mate, you won’t be able to tell the difference—or rather, feel it. Otherwise, it is difficult to distinguish between pure love and a soul mate. A soulmate is obviously a true love and more but a true love can fall short of being a soulmate.  There is a strong sense of belonging and possessiveness.

They are almost inseparable in the sense that even when they are separated physically owing to their jobs or other pressing requirements, they are emotionally bound and experience a sense of being together. They also maintain continual communication through the use of telepathy or a sixth sense.

Is a soulmate has to be your spouse?

Your soulmate may not necessarily be your wife or your husband. Not every soulmate is a romantic partner or a sexual liaison. It is not required that you have ever had a romantic relationship with them or that they have ever been your partner. Your soulmate may also be your mother, father, kid, or husband in this lifetime if they were also your mother, father, or spouse in a previous life.

Does this imply that your soul mate is a mirror image of you, or that your mental processes, preferences, and dislikes must be identical? No way.  You won’t be able to last a day together if your partner is an exact replica of you. You may check it out for yourself or you might have already felt it sometime in your lifetime.

We are aware of what science says and have experienced that only likes are never appealing. There has to be diversity and you must be diametrically opposed. Negative and negative cannot coexist. It must be both negative and positive in order to stay together.

Great Rishis and Munis (Sages) have preached that there may be more than two souls who follow a similar life path to learn the same lessons as you. It is not true that soulmates are inseparable, or that there will be no fights or quarrels between soulmates. The Karmic Consequences bring soulmates together for a reason.

If the Father and a Son happen to be soulmates, there could be unfinished business in both of your previous lives. Perhaps you as a father were unable to care for your son as you desired, and the Karmic configuration has now brought you back together to do the unfinished job of raising your son as you desired.

A true soulmate can be two of you

Soulmate and the true love

It’s natural to confuse the concepts of a soul mate and a life partner; you can believe they are one in the same or that any distinction between them is merely semantic. Lifemate or love bonding is an earthy, bodily bond that may be motivated by lust or desire. Soulmate, on the other hand, is spiritual and is based on your prenatal experiences.

It is connected to the cosmos and the spiritual world. You start to sense a feeling of togetherness, a kind of oneness that you do not comprehend, as you become closer to your soulmate than you did before you knew them, and you try to understand why the so-called attraction exists.

It has frequently been observed that a person’s appearance, position, class, religion, or race has no bearing on whether they are a soul mate. Surprisingly, it has been discovered that contrast is more of a close partner when it comes to matching soulmates.

Soulmate Vs life partner

While a soulmate is someone who enters your life deliberately to enhance it, support your growth, and challenge you to reach a higher state of consciousness, a life partner is someone reliable and trustworthy with whom you spend a large amount of time. But both are really significant!
No matter how wealthy you are or how well you can meet your soulmate’s wants, they won’t care. It is far more open and broad in spiritual sense.

For example, if your soul mate enters your life, it will seem as though they have been there forever very fast. You will frequently gain a greater understanding of the other person and yourself via shared experiences, which contributes to the rapid depth of the bond.

You’ll see that they have a significant impact on you since you give their desires top priority and respect their opinion as if it were your own. As a result, there won’t be an unequal power dynamic because they will respond with the same feelings.

Soulmates, however, are not intended to be our constant companions. This person will push you to the edge of your comprehension in order to help you develop. And you’ll know when you’ve grown to a certain point that it’s time to part ways.

A life partner, on the other hand, can provide comfort and security over the long term, even when other relationships end or are left behind. A life partner’s presence typically lasts a longer period of time because they serve as an anchor for you and keep you steady.

Understanding The Depth Of Relation

The depth of the connection is more spiritual or of a higher caliber. Whether your soulmate is close by or far away from you has no bearing on how fulfilling having a soulmate is for you. Even when you are apart, you may still feel the heart and soul of your partnership, as well as the relationship’s principles. So, it’s a cosmic relationship, not a worldly or physical one, and you’re the only one who made it happen for some reason.

In general, soulmates show up in your life when it needs to change and has gotten stagnant in some way. For instance, you can be in a situation that is no longer beneficial to you, your profession might not be your true calling, or you might be unable to break a bad habit.

By serving as a mirror for you, your soul mate will assist you in realizing that it’s time to move on. You will face problems in your engagement and for the rest of your life if you are with your soul mate. But in order for you to learn the crucial lessons you need to know, this is what must occur.

On the other hand, life partners show up when you’re ready for a safer, happier stage of life. Perhaps you’re in a position where you wish to start a family, or you’ve recently gone through a turbulent time of change. No matter what, your life partner will give you the peace and steady, encouraging company you need to do well in the quieter parts of life.

Soulmates and Soul Groups

It is critical to recognize that you can have more than one soulmate. When souls from different soul groups or souls from the same group come together, there may be more than two souls who chart a course. There could be multiple soulmates in your life. Therefore, you need to understand and differentiate that a soulmate is not your spouse or just your father and mother.

When work has been accomplished the bonding of a soulmate may slowly wither and you may feel that bond does not exist anymore. 

You Can Have More Than One Soulmate

It is possible to have multiple soulmates. Soulmates can be found in any kind of relationship, and it’s wrong to think of them as only being in romantic relationships. The thing about soulmates is that it is not guaranteed that they will always make your life easier. So, for those of you who have been waiting for the right person to come along.

Realize that this is all nothing but a myth. A soulmate can take any form, so stop waiting for the perfect partner to appear and label him or her a soulmate. Simply because you have an ideal relationship with someone does not imply that he or she is your soulmate.

The Cosmic effect.

Your soulmate is always happy for you.

Soulmates could decide to go through suffering, or you may choose to be in a difficult situation with them in order to learn your lessons. Just because they are your soulmates does not exempt them from teaching you or from causing you pain. They will cause you pain and make things inconvenient for you. They may pull or push you to reach a higher level of frequency. The only difference is that they do it with empathy and love,  with the intention of serving your highest good.

True happiness comes from pure love. It has to be unconditional. Conditional love will not be able to provide lasting happiness. This is what your soulmate can deliver because the concept and the foundation of the principle element of a soulmate are pious and celestial.

Is It Possible to Be Wrong?

You may believe someone is your soulmate only to discover that he or she is not. “It is also possible to meet your soulmate and then push him or her away due to personal issues. And sometimes your soulmate will let you go because they realize that walking away may be the best option for you in the long run. If you believe you’ve found your soulmate, you should really work hard to figure out exactly why the association isn’t working and instead make changes if necessary. It’s worth clinging to if both of you believe you’re intended to be together.

For this to work, both of you must believe that the other is your soulmate. “I’d have a difficult time being in an association where I believe my companion is my soulmate but she doesn’t. The concept of soulmate necessitates amate,’ which implies being part of a pair.

If your companion is hesitant to use the term “soulmate,” that’s one thing; but if you believe [they] are the one for you forever and you’re just another guy to date, I’d have serious doubts “Bennett stated. However, keep in mind that some people dislike the term “soulmate,” but still see their companions in that light.

Is it possible for me to be my soulmate?

You could perhaps be your own soulmate for a variety of reasons. First, because you’re handy: you’ll always be available for practice. Second, you need love, understanding, and support, don’t you? And there will be times when other people are unable to provide you with those things, so you should be able to provide them for yourself. 

Finally, because we place so much emphasis in our culture on finding a soulmate, by which we mean a loving relationship, and then expecting that member to be our only soulmate, to be the person who provides us with all the support and connection we require. Which is far too much to ask of a romantic relationship or a single person.

We expect our partners to complete us without realizing that in order to bring another person into totality in the relationship, we must first complete ourselves. and, indeed, to all of our interactions.

So, how do you become your own soulmate?

You can begin by creating a list of everything you want in a soulmate. Then, methodically, figure out how to provide those things for yourself. I was thinking about what we typically want from relationships: love, a home, and security. Adventure. The motivation to develop and be more of what we ought to be, more of ourselves. These are the necessities we must provide for ourselves. 

Only when we are able to offer them for our own selves can we truly share them with others: only after you know how to go off on journeys can you invite others along. You can’t wait for other people to provide your adventures, security, or personal growth. It’s difficult to have a home with another person if you can’t make one for yourself.

It’s risky to approach relationships, especially romantic ones, with that sense of need, expecting your romantic partner to provide what you can’t supply yourself. The risk is that you will enter or remain in an unhealthy relationship simply because any relationship is preferable to no relationship at all. However, an unhappy relationship, possibly even an abusive relationship, is far worse.

Soulmate means always together

Last but not least:

The following factors must be in sync for a soulmate to manifest:

  • The Cosmic or the Karmic timing should be ideal.
  • You must be prepared to deal with the relationship/karmic exchange.
  • The other person should also be prepared to deal with the relationship/karmic exchange.

Only when the aforementioned alignment occurs does a twin soul connection become fully operational. Until then, don’t chase it; instead, let it come to you. If you chase it, you will not learn any lessons; instead, you will learn patience, trust, and self-love. It will last longer if it comes to you gracefully, and you will be able to completely receive what the individual has to offer in your life and vice versa.

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