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Medical writing is an exciting and rapidly evolving discipline that entails writing about subjects relevant to the medical, scientific, and healthcare communities. Additionally, it contains documentation on drug development, clinical research, and other scientific publications in the medical field. There is a high demand for qualified medical writers to work on pharmaceutical regulatory and medico-marketing writing projects.

Scientific writers with advanced degrees are a critical component of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. They offer services throughout the drug and device development process, as well as academic, clinical, and research writing. The primary challenge for the clinical research sector, healthcare organisations, and pharma-biotech companies is locating and hiring professionally trained medical writers.

A Quick Overview of Pharmaceutical Content Marketing.

Content marketing is an inbound strategy that focuses on creating and sharing content in order to connect with and inspire your target audience to take action. This approach can be extremely beneficial for companies that serve the pharmaceutical industry because it provides a non-invasive way to provide value and educate your audience.

What sets content marketing apart from other types of marketing? Value. While traditional advertising can educate or inspire, it is an outbound tactic—its objective is to push a message out. Content marketing is effective at attracting an audience and providing them with what they’re looking for. By adding value to prospective clients’ interactions, you increase their likelihood to trust you and, ultimately, do business with you.

Pharmaceutical companies are constantly on the lookout for new ways to address their most pressing issues. Without relying on pushy sales techniques, content marketing enables you to articulate the challenges these businesses face and demonstrate the effectiveness of your solutions.

“96% of B2B buyers want content with more input from industry thought leaders.

— Hubspot “

What is Technical Writing For Pharma Companies?

It is not a new concept to write technical documents. Technical writing encompasses all forms of communication intended for and about industry and business, with an emphasis on products and/or services. Almost everyone who has worked in a company has written some type of technical document – from the résumé used to obtain employment to an email sent to a coworker to writing an investigative report.

 According to a survey of business leaders, as many as two-thirds of salaried employees have some level of writing responsibility, and all employees must be able to write effectively, especially with the growth of corporate email communication.

Technical writing skills are critical in any industry, but they are even more critical in the pharmaceutical industry. If a batch record step is ambiguous or contains an error, it can have a variety of negative consequences in this industry. If the error is detected, the product may become unusable, and clients may be lost. Employees may suffer physical harm, and lawsuits may be filed. 

Alternatively, the error may go unnoticed and endanger or kill a patient. The value of effective technical writing cannot be overstated, as the science of pharmaceutical drug manufacturing is reliant on precise reporting. A document that is otherwise flawless can appear flawed if it is written poorly, wasting valuable company time and resources.

It is, however, difficult to find employees who possess both subject-matter knowledge and the skills necessary to write a technical document. Finding an employee who has taken a course in technical writing is even more difficult, and because many colleges do not offer technical writing as a concentration in the English department, finding an employee who has a degree in technical writing is even more difficult. With this information in hand, it’s easy to believe that one-quarter of college graduates are not only poor writers, but also lack basic communication skills.

The Journal for Quality and Participation profiles several businesses that suffered significant financial losses as a result of poor writing. Coleco Computers eventually went out of business after customers returned items because the instruction manual was unreadable. 

An oil company invested thousands of dollars in developing a new pesticide based on a report written five years prior by a technician at the same company but never completed. A nuclear power plant placed a purchase order for “ten foot long lengths” and received ten one-foot lengths instead. This list could go on indefinitely.

According to the survey of business leaders mentioned previously, slightly more than 40% of companies offered or required additional training for employees with writing deficiencies. This education came at a cost of up to three billion dollars per year. When you factor in the cost of poor writing that results in a company being liable, that figure increases significantly. A single technical writer on staff could significantly reduce this cost. Technical writers have a diverse range of skills that make them well-suited for the pharmaceutical industry. A well-educated writer can investigate a product and convey to the reader its utility, process, meaning, and proper use in the fewest possible words.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) in the pharmaceutical industry require that instruction documents such as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) be error-free and well-written. It is equally critical for manufacturing documentation, problem reporting, laboratory test methods, and batch production records, among other things, to be crystal clear in their instructions. If employees lack the skills necessary to write crystal-clear, error-free instructions, how are businesses compensating?

A technical writer in a pharmaceutical company is critical because they possess the necessary skills to conduct research, comprehend complex information, and tailor writing to a wide variety of readers. By employing a technical writer on staff, businesses can also save money on technical writing training for other employees. 

Any competent technical writer can organise a session for other members of the organisation in which they will learn about the characteristics of technical writing and how to apply them. Every employee responsible for document production must be able to communicate complex manufacturing procedures succinctly and directly, thereby achieving the desired result quickly and effectively. The procedures must be meticulously documented, as lives are at stake.

An introduction to technical writing should be included in a technical writing workshop for employees. A concise description of the document’s clarity, succinctness, design, intended audience, and accuracy is beneficial. The session should then focus on strategies for incorporating these characteristics into organisational documents such as standard operating procedures (SOPs) and batch production records. 

How to start Professional Medical Writing Services

Technical Writing Strategies for Standard Operating Procedures.

Clarity: convey the same message to a variety of readers

Avoid using the words some, several, many, few, substantial, frequently, and recently, as they do not all have the same meaning.

Conciseness: assist the reader in comprehending; do not present obstacles to the reader.

Avoid words with multiple syllables, redundancy, prepositional phrases, and passive voice (the subject of the sentence should be listed at the beginning, not buried somewhere within the text).

Document Design: The document’s design should break up large blocks of text and appeal to the reader in order to maintain their attention.

Draw attention to important information with headers and subheadings, bullets for lists, tables, and figures, and white space to break up large chunks of text.

Audience: address the reader; if the document is intended for a diverse group of readers with varying levels of experience, the writing should aim for a sixth-grade reading level.

What does your reader already know, require, and desire to know? Acronyms and abbreviations should be defined the first time they are used.

Precision: Precision is critical for clarity and professionalism.

Make use of spell check but do not rely entirely on it. Proofread. Allow a peer to read it; if not, read it backwards to catch any errors.

By producing high-quality content and possessing the ability to tailor a document to achieve maximum clarity, technical writers can assist any business in achieving positive results. More importantly, they can educate others within the organisation on how to create a more robust technical document.

Customers and clients will appreciate the consistent professional appearance of company documents and communications, and will feel informed and confident in the information they receive. This results in increased customer and client acquisition, increased value for stakeholders, and improved employee relations across the organisation. 

By hiring a technical writer, you will not only increase your business, but you will also save on the three billion dollars spent annually on training writing-deficient employees and reduce the problems caused by unclear writing.

Before beginning your next project, be sure to evaluate the technical writing capabilities of Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs). Piramal Pharma Solutions understands the critical nature of accurate technical documentation in the pharmaceutical industry. 

At East side Writers we use technical writing to ensure that SOPs are more easily understood and to facilitate the execution of batch records. Clients value the consistency of our documentation, and our employees value the clarity of our instructions and policies. In general, as our documents become more efficient, we become more efficient.

How Can Eastside Writers Assist You?

Eastside Writers offers a comprehensive range of high-quality writing services to healthcare providers, biotechnology companies, and pharmaceutical companies throughout the world. Our experienced and certified medical writers are capable of writing a wide variety of clinical, regulatory, scientific, and marketing communication documents.

Highly qualified medical writers of Eastside Writers have a thorough understanding of the various guidelines issued by numerous regulatory commissions worldwide. Our team is composed of a variety of medical professionals with backgrounds in medicine, pharmaceuticals, and other life sciences who have expertise in a variety of therapeutic areas.

Eastside Writers expert medical writers assist you in developing clear, concise, and high-quality medical documents, journals, and reports for regulatory submissions, publication, and effective marketing communications. Our writers receive ongoing training from professional organisations in order to provide the best possible service to our clients.

Eastside Writer's Perspectives on Medical Writing Services

Medical Writing Services Available in Various Forms:

Writing scientific/publications

Team Eastside Writers provides medical writing services to a variety of educational institutions, research institutions, and publishing houses for a variety of academic scientific papers and medical journals. We have a team of highly qualified translators in a variety of academic fields who provide superior medical writing services for our clients’ academic papers and medical journals. Our expert translators are conversant with the subject matter and will write your medical document using the appropriate academic terminology and writing conventions.

DevelopmentWriting about consumer health

We provide concise, accurate health information writing services that assist individuals in understanding how to maintain and improve their overall well-being and avoid further illness.

Writing for healthcare marketing

Eastside Writers offers budgeted healthcare marketing plans to our healthcare providers in order to increase their patient database through new and returning patients. Our healthcare marketing benefits include healthcare branding, an improved online patient experience, a responsive healthcare website, site speed testing, and search engine optimization.

Writing Regulatory/Clinical Research

Medical writing is a critical component of clinical research, and our team of expert medical writers produces accurate, timely, and cost-effective clinical and regulatory documents that adhere to the highest scientific and quality standards.

Electronic education and storyboarding

Eastside Writers provides medical writing services for a variety of academic documents, e-learning courses, and animated films.

Writing for Social Media

We have a team of expert medical writers, which means that we have writers available with industry-specific expertise and experience. We guarantee that with an experienced and massive team of social media writers, we will deliver the best social media content writing services to help you raise your voice and brand across all of your social media channels.

How Eastside Writers Operates

At  Eastside Writers  our priority is to provide the best medical writing services in the industry to assist medical institutions, hospitals, medical professionals, pharmaceutical companies, and biotechnology companies, among others. To ensure our commitment to providing professional medical writing service of the highest standard, we adhere to a strict workflow that includes the following steps:

I: Data Collection for the Project

2: Execution of the Project

3: Professional Medical Writing Service

4: Quality Control

5: Distribution Level

How Biotech/Pharma Organizations Can Hire Freelance Content Writers?

The biotechnology industry is booming. Collaborating with freelance content writers who are knowledgeable about biotechnology or related scientific disciplines can help you communicate your product or service effectively to your target audience, resulting in business growth. There are many professional Medical writing services providers in India whose services gives you great results.

Writing content is difficult. Even more difficult is creating content that is effective, authoritative, and compelling. The biotech, pharmaceutical, and life science industries rely heavily on content writers. 

Large organisations employ in-house writers who are capable of producing not only technical content such as research papers and clinical trial protocols, but also marketing content that effectively communicates the product’s message to the target audience. To stay ahead of the competition in an age where digital content drives growth, biotech firms must publish blog articles, white papers, and press releases, among other things.

Organizations conducting life science research must collaborate with writers who have a strong scientific background or understanding in order to communicate effectively with all stakeholders. Data science and automation advancements are also expanding the biotech industry’s reach into “non-core” businesses, such as:

  • Businesses that supply the biotechnology industry, such as suppliers of research kits and reagents
  • Text analysis tools based on data science or natural language processing to aid in secondary research
  • Clinical and genome/DNA-seq data analysis tools
  • Platforms powered by artificial intelligence to assist in the selection of the appropriate reagents and tools
  • AI-based drug discovery and development tools

High-quality content can assist these businesses in communicating the value of their product or service to other businesses, researchers, academic institutions, and possibly the general public. The following are some of the advantages of hiring a qualified freelance content writer or a life science writer.

Knowledge required to start Medical Writing Services

1. Technical proficiency

Writers with a background in science or research are aware of the complexities of a subject. Having relevant subject matter expertise is extremely beneficial, as it ensures the content is reliable. If the content is for a website or blog, working with an expert is even more critical, as Google’s search algorithm rewards expertise and authority based on author credentials.

Many biotech and life science companies have in-house experts who can assist with communicating research, developing educational content, and developing marketing materials, among other things. The non-core companies listed above, on the other hand, are unlikely to have in-house genomics content writers or drug discovery specialists. Outsourcing this work to freelance science writers enables them to tap into on-demand scientific expertise.

Additionally, the benefit of collaborating with scientific content writers is that they are likely to possess strong analytical and research skills. A PhD holder is likely to have endured the arduous process of conducting experiments and effectively communicating the results. Scientists are also likely to be adept at conducting literature searches, which entails examining all available literature on a particular subject. This is especially beneficial for businesses launching novel products that may require supporting documentation.

2. Establishing a product or service’s positioning

B2B companies account for a sizable portion of the biotech market. For example, a large reagent supplier such as Abcam would require a team or network of scientific writers and content writers capable of creating technically accurate, compelling content for their buyers (R&D labs). A new business or startup may lack the resources necessary to effectively position their product or service in the market, which requires a combination of scientific knowledge and strong communication skills.

Several qualified researchers, including PhDs, are sharing their expertise via on-demand platforms as a result of the freelance revolution. They are more likely to comprehend and emphasise the benefits of your product or service, especially if they are themselves members of the target audience. Or perhaps they may have conducted their own research using competing products, software, or equipment. They may be able to assist you in defining (and refining) your value propositions. A freelance science content writer is familiar with both your product and target audience and is adept at bridging the divide through the use of language or the expertise of Medical writing services of Eastside writers can be of use.

3. Content created specifically for scientific audiences

While bringing a product to market, businesses must provide a list of technical documents that substantiate the product’s benefits. This may include a comprehensive list of conducted clinical trials, systematic reviews, instruction manuals, risk and assessment documents, and more. Technical writers are frequently hired to create this type of content.

However, marketing materials created for that product or service frequently require a similar level of expertise. For instance:

Creating biotech product descriptions (such as reagents or immunoassay kits)

Placing “branded content” in prestigious journals like Nature

Article writing and brochure preparation for novel biotech products, drugs, and services

If you’re writing for a group of researchers or scientists, you may want to hire a freelance scientific writer or medical writing services who is capable of producing not only compelling copy but also technically sound content.

4. Ability to think creatively and possess marketing experience

To effectively funnel prospective customers into the marketing funnel, you’ll need writers who can raise brand awareness and eventually compel users to act. This could take the form of integrated advertising campaigns, inbound marketing, blog content creation, and public relations, among other things. Collaborating with someone who is capable of developing a creative communications campaign enables pharma/biotech organisations to leverage that critical skill to increase awareness and visibility.

Biotech SMEs may need to collaborate with multiple individuals to acquire the necessary skill sets for effective communication. Hiring freelancers or collaborating with a remote team can help you gain access to all of the skills you require without sacrificing quality. Numerous organisations may have a one-time or recurring need for writers, but not nearly enough to justify hiring someone on a full-time basis. Professional Medical writing services providers can be of much use here

Additionally, see how a freelance medical copywriter can help you grow your business.

5. SEO content 

SEO content writing is more critical than ever in an age when search engine rankings can determine your business’s growth. Matching keywords to search queries can assist you in bringing your product or service to the attention of customers who are actively looking for you. Working with content writers who can incorporate the keyword naturally into their copy without appearing to be overly promotional or keyword-stuffing is an investment that can pay off in the long run.

 A quick Google search for “Next Generation Sequencing” returns Illumina on the first page of results, alongside prestigious scientific journals. By collaborating with qualified scientific content writers who are capable of creating SEO-optimized content, you can increase your chances of ranking higher in search results.

How much does it cost to hire a content writer for life science?

The cost of hiring a biotech/life science content writer is determined by the task’s complexity, the project’s urgency, and the level of expertise required to complete the project. However, the following are some indicative costs based on the current trends and freelancers’ hourly rates.

Blog Post: Typically, a blog post with expert sources that is approximately 1200-1600 words in length costs between USD 400 and 800. Scientific content writers charge between USD $30 and $50 per hour.

White Paper: A six- to eight-page white paper typically costs between USD 500 and 1500 for a general audience and between USD 3000 and 5000 for a scientific or niche audience.

Clinical trial documents: A clinical case study report writer or a clinical trial protocol writer earns an average hourly rate of USD 50-80 per hour.

News or media article: Science content writers typically charge between USD 40 and USD 60 per hour when creating content for a news publication. However, if this requires extensive research or specialised expertise, the hourly rate can exceed USD 100.

Cost of Medical Writing Services

You can contact for any of the services mentioned above and negotiate rates and take advantage of substantial discounts by registering with Eastside Writers.

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