Are Men Becoming Obsessive In Removing Body Hair?

Body hair shaved for better living

When I polled a large number of my peers, it emerged that the majority are open about their body hair removal practices. Even the most reserved males will be delighted to explain to you why they zealously shave off all of their body hair. It generally occurs for more than sexual reasons though. The more open-minded men will go into excruciating detail about where and how they attempt this impossible task. Many men however simply desire to be entirely hairless similar to Michael Phelps. But first the basics.

What Is The Purpose Of Men’s Body Hair?

Body hair has had a variety of functions since the Stone Age when males were hunter-gatherers. For that matter, long before the invention of body shaving, there was no reason to shave one’s body, as it helped to protect the body from atmospheric and environmental harshness and served the purpose of covering ourselves. These included keeping warm and serving as evidence of sexual maturity.

Our thick layer of body hair is believed to have started to diminish as our prehistoric ancestors transitioned from crawling to standing in order to keep us cooler while moving. In addition to preventing dirt from entering our bodies, body hair’s primary function is to assist in temperature regulation. 

Although body hair may aid to regulate body temperature during exercise by gathering sweat and assisting it to disperse, the changes are negligible in today’s world. Therefore, if body shaving is your thing, there’s no need to worry about the fuzz. The hair on your nose and ears can be trimmed but not removed, and your eyebrows and eyelashes still serve a purpose.

Removing body hair for hygiene

​​Why Do Men Want To Get rid Of Body Hair?

The average person is actually covered in about 5 million microscopic hair follicles, despite the fact that we may perceive ourselves to be relatively bald in comparison to our ape cousins.

Recent studies have revealed that more than half of young men are choosing to get rid of their body hair, which may be related to the media’s and reality TV’s promotion of sleek, muscular physiques as desirable. Despite the fact that shaving the male body is nothing new, evidence reveals that the Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians were all aficionados of manscaping. Some shave it for hygienic reasons, some for sexual manoeuvres and some for being an exhibitionist.

What Percentage Of Men Shave Their Body Hair?

Probably more than you might imagine is the answer. A recently performed poll showed that 83% of the males we spoke with cut part or all of their body hair. Ears, eyebrows, and noses made an expectedly high appearance, but the groin region was by far the next-highest body component on the list. In fact, nothing else even came close: The armpits and chest were the closest competitors, with 50% fewer guys weeding those areas. Even less attention was paid to the back, and it appears that most guys are satisfied to let their arms and legs go unattended.

Despite the shockingly large number of men who trim, shave, and sculpt their bodies, the same survey found that just 13% of males have ever attempted waxing, making it still comparatively uncommon for men. The results are virtually exactly the opposite for those who wax, with somewhat more men waxing their backs and chests than their groins.

Interestingly, there are a lot more men trimming, shaving, and shaping than you might expect, and that goes unaccounted for. In the past, ladies were the only ones using a razor to remove unwanted hair from their armpits or legs. Nowadays, a lot of guys arenot only using a razor but also employing many modern techkniques to remove body hair for a number of reasons, including:

  • Personal hygiene and a greater sense of cleanliness
  • Possibility to smell better and prevent offensive body odour for aesthetic purposes
  • To increase athletic ability

Male body hair is typically kept under control in the sports and fitness industries since it can enhance performance and highlight laboriously acquired muscular definition. 

Can Body Hair Be Protected From Body Odour And Ticks By Shaving It?

Shaving body hair can, in fact, lessen body odour, to put it simply. Bacteria love the protective cover provided by underarm hair, which makes them a great place to breed. As a result, the smell of perspiration is increased. The perspiration itself does not pong, though. The sweat is broken down by bacteria on your skin, which gives off a disagreeable odour. The bottom line is that shaving body hair and armpit hair results in fewer bacteria and less odour. 

So far as body ticks are concerned It is important to be aware of ticks. Ticks prefer to lay their eggs on hairy areas. The success of the attack increases with the victim’s body hair. Clean-shaven skin makes it far more difficult for them to grab onto you. Therefore, shaving your arms and legs should prevent ticks from appearing in the future.

Body hair removal is an obsession

Is Body Hair Removal An Obsession

I had the privilege of getting some questioning done. If you know where to look, it’s not too difficult to find hairless men to interview. Let’s check out what they had to say.

The entire top of John is cleared of bushes and shrubs. He explained that he maintains it that way by shaving frequently “with a Fusion 5 razor and that Gillette shaving gel stuff.” John responded that his fiancée likes it and thinks it helps him seem more “cut” when I questioned him about why he shaves his upper body. However, he objected and said, “Never,” when I asked if he had ever shaved below his waist. His reply was, “For me, no.” Sorry.” So our conversation with John came to an end.

On the other hand, the 26-year-old computer engineer who was my next acquaintance, Bill, was open to talking about his experiences with undercarriage maintenance; in fact, he used the word “taint” in the first eight minutes of our interview. Contrary to John and Bill, who only use laser hair removal, the expensive alternative comes with uncomfortably large $96 monthly payments. 

Bill maintains his underarm hair. The top inner thigh and everything south of it is laser-treated, although there is still hair there since I make a clean V. “Everything?”  Everything down south except a very tiny bush—a kind of mole or a hairy spot to show it—was all there just above my package.

Bill claims that while laser hair removal is painless, it is not a particularly enjoyable procedure. Particularly because pubic hair is coarser, regular zapping treatments are required. John was about to get his 16th treatment at the time of publication. That would be the same as shaving everything first—a must for an appointment—and then nuking it. 

Bill has become obsessed with hair removal, despite all the fuss. “I always ask myself, ‘What else can I do?’ What additional hair may I remove? He acknowledged. I’m tempted to do my cheeks next. (He was making a reference to his face.)

John’s and Bill’s motivations for grooming are similar in that both are approaches to potential love partners. “It’s [primarily] for sex, not at all something I do for myself,” he declared. Although there is a component to sexual hygiene, my main concern is not what the other person is thinking. A common theme among the body hair removal specialists I spoke with is not just good sex. It is more of a genuine body need—a feeling of wellness, light, and more freedom—just like that to stay in the open or sleep without the clothes on. It is more a matter of personal preference and hygiene.

Both single and less-than-single guys share this opinion. Brian, 27, consented to an interview through his long-term partner of nine years. I was curious. My friend, who requested anonymity, clarified, “Although I don’t believe a partner would object, I like to maintain everything in order.” Simply put, I believe it is cleaner. Without protection, he uses the Phillips Norelco Multigroom to shave “everything but his legs.” After that, he takes a hot shower. No ingrown were reported.

I wanted to speak with someone on the other end of the laser—or buzzer—to gain a little more perspective on this fixation with body hair eradication.

The majority of the requests from men come from their wives, according to groomer Sunny. “Long hair tends to turn off partners.” It sounds like, “Honey, I have to look at you. Could you possibly be less hairy?” However, the demands for body grooming from her clientele have generally increased, and barbers are pleased to trim that back hair as a courtesy. Or, as it was in Losi’s case, as a requirement: “I just think it looks cleaner and more polished.” Additionally, it is comfier. It’s basic grooming, in my opinion.

“There are still a few clients who want to exhibit their bush a bit, but only to the extent of being sexier and do not want to be all waxy to the likes of their better halves,” the owner of a men’s salon in Mumbai says, refusing to give his identity or the salon’s name in the publication. In certain circumstances, fantasy runs very strong. Many people, like Milton, are content with a small bit of hair on their pubic and underarm areas to prove their masculinity.

Removing Body hair for sexual purpose

However, Somesh wants it completely clean, just like he wants to be in his birthday suit, as he does not want to come in the way while his partner is busy sucking and licking. In actuality, according to the groomer, Rogger always wished to have his entire body shaved, including his arms, legs, chest, and armpits, but he still has the heart-shaped pubic bush that grows just above his endowment.

The new generation believes that shaving one’s legs and arms are not taboo. If males decide to shave their legs and arms for a change, masculinity does not come to an end, as was always thought. Shaving the chest, intimate areas, and armpits was a long-standing tradition in some parts of the world. Now, though, shaving the head and the eyebrows is the next alluring thing. 

Men in the metro area desire to remain waxed and get completely hair-free. Men always want to be absolutely hairless while working out, according to the proprietor of a men’s gym in Bangalore, because it is much easier to perspire heavily when you are hairless.

Mike, a sex enthusiast, claims that his lover likes it when he is completely waxed and naked. She loves his muscular build, razor-sharp abs, and all the cuts, but only the hairless. He disclosed that while engaging in oral sex and body licking, his partner feels more hygienic.

Going hairless is considered a queer thing by many heterosexuals. Samson, though, is a glaring contrast. Everything is personal down there. He claims that having a lot of hair when wearing see-through clothing is equivalent to having a lot of shit. 

A fair assumption is that if something is hidden from your barber, it might not be appropriate to request to have it shaved. Therefore, you must let go of your inhibitions and be able to appreciate your nudity while visiting or choosing to get all of your body hair removed.Sunny proposes seeing his hair consultant and groomer for assistance with his problematic hair, as well as seeking guidance from his better half. It is critical to have a comprehensive awareness of your needs and requirements based on your unique preferences and desires.

The majority of grooming involves shaving rather than trimming, so be careful of the consequences, such as the development of rashes or pimples, boils etc, especially if this is your first time. You may be used to using a clipper, but on the second setting, you can go completely hairless, like the Greek god. You now have it. Enjoy a very sexy summer by embracing some body hair and destroying the rest. Just be mindful of your cheeks. I’m talking about your butt.

What Motivates More Men to Use Laser Hair Removal

Men take just as much care to preserve their appearances as women do, despite the notion that women care more about grooming and appearance. This is especially true now that the men’s grooming market is expanding. With this attention comes the growing tendency of some guys to shave off unwanted hair from their chests, backs, or nape of the neck.

Although shaving and waxing might seem like obvious choices, they rarely offer the simplest answer. Both of these techniques demand a lot of care, which men frequently try to avoid. As long as the outcomes are positive, the simpler the routine and the fewer the stages, the better.

In recent times, intense pulsed light ( IPL) therapy has become an attractive option for more people. IPL treatments normally entail six to ten sessions, while laser hair removal treatment plans typically call for just four to six sessions per treatment region. Regularly scheduled treatments save patients the time they would otherwise spend commuting to and from waxing visits, shaving once a week, and scheduling appointments every three weeks for the remainder of their lives. Men are increasingly eager to avoid the time commitment, which has led to the popularity of hair removal procedures as a substitute.

The cost reductions associated with permanent hair loss are another tempting advantage. Razor blades, shaving cream, and soothing aftershave lotion can add up over the course of a lifetime. The price of waxing appointments can also vary. Hair growth won’t be slowed down by shaving or waxing. As a result, the bill will continue to grow. Although the initial cost of laser or IPL hair removal treatments may appear high, it is a tiny fee to pay compared to the recurring costs of these more conventional hair removal techniques.

Last but not least, certain hair removal procedures are becoming considerably more personalized. More sensitive skin areas, such as the “treasure trail,” the sternum, the sides of the abdomen, the underarms, or the jawline and beneath the chin, can now be treated to tame stray facial hair. For those who are seeking a little more grooming below the belt, there are Of course, hair removal procedures are also available. During the initial consultation, a qualified treatment provider will be able to determine which areas can be treated and make any necessary alternative recommendations.

Can body shaving hurt me?

Every time you use a razor, your skin develops tiny lesions that can occasionally swell and become uncomfortable. Regular shaving causes your skin to get used to this, but novice shavers should be cautious to avoid causing irritation. It should come as no surprise that certain areas of the body, like the genital region, are much more sensitive to shaving than others, like your legs. But don’t let it discourage you; by taking the necessary precautions and paying attention, you can minimize the hazards. It is beneficial to become well-versed in the best massage techniques for each specific section of your body.

Removing body hair with laser techniques

The Best Laser or IPL Hair Removal Treatment: Advice for Choosing

One thing to keep in mind is that hair reduction by IPL and laser hair removal is permanent. Before beginning a treatment regimen, people should be confident they want to get rid of unwanted hair in the affected area. Despite this, some hair regrowth is normal. Hair that does regrow will be sparse and less coarse if a professional treatment plan and subsequent maintenance appointments are properly adhered to. It might not even be apparent in some circumstances.

Going hair-free may seem appealing, but it’s crucial to conduct a thorough study before choosing the best hair removal method depending on demands, considerations, skin tone, and hair type. Depending on how the skin and hair respond to the therapy itself, each person may require a different number of sessions, a different treatment schedule, and different aftercare instructions.

Contact a licensed IPL or laser hair removal treatment provider in your area for the most recent information and a personalized treatment plan.

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