Beard or no beard, it’s a manly trait, but women govern it! You’ve probably thought about this question over the past few years, especially if you grew a beard during the last two years of the pandemic and kept it. Or, you may be on the cusp of adulthood and be wondering what to do with a beard you’ve grown. 

Do women truly enjoy facial hair? This question is normal from adolescence to adulthood, as one may need clarification about the preferences of women or, more specifically, what women prefer when it comes to men’s facial hair. So without further ado, let’s examine what research on the topic has to offer.

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Surprisingly, there is more data and information on the subject than you might believe, and it appears that men everywhere are increasingly sporting facial hair. Let’s look into it. 

Tessa R. Clarkson and others studied women’s attraction to men with different levels of facial masculinity and beards at the University of Queensland. They found that women find men with beards more attractive and more powerful. Ladies who are particularly morally repulsed are more inclined.

Beards And Masculinity

For the study, 919 American women between the ages of 18 and 70, most of whom were white, rated 30 photos of men at different stages of facial hair growth. With and without beards, the photos showed guys with artificially changed looks. The ladies judged the men’s attractiveness for long-term and short-term relationships. According to the study, men with more facial hair are more attractive, especially for long-term relationships.

Face features that make a man look strong and healthy, like a brow ridge that sticks out, wide cheekbones, a strong jawline, and narrow eyes that are set far apart, tell a woman that a man is healthy and strong. Women associate physical strength and social aggressiveness with masculine faces. It may imply a man with a strong immune system. 

According to the experts, facial hair boosts a man’s manly traits, such as a broader jawline. This could provide resources and protection for mothers and their children. In other words, a beard may be a primitive, aesthetic way of signaling, “Hey girl, I’m a testosterone-fueled, lean, mean, pathogen-fighting machine.”

A beard’s fate maybe it’s own. This study looks at past research that found that men who grew beards felt more manly and had higher blood testosterone levels, both of which were linked to being the most powerful person in a group. They also held more traditional gender roles in their relationships with women than males with clean-shaven faces.

How is beard preference related to disgust?

Obviously, not all women enjoy beards. The researchers were particularly interested in what features make women prefer bearded males over clean-shaven ones. They considered a woman’s dislike for certain concepts, her desire to get pregnant, and her personal exposure to facial hair.

The study found that women who didn’t like facial hair were put off by the thought of parasites or other critters in their hair or skin. Women who scored high on this “ectoparasite dislike” measure may have seen beards as an indication of poor hygiene. But women with more “pathogens” liked men with beards, probably because they saw beards as a sign of good health and a strong immune system. 

The cool and the warm-Your choice

Morality was an intriguing finding in the study. Women with more “moral revulsion,” or aversion to doing things that are wrong, liked men with hairy faces. According to the authors, beardedness, conservative politics, and traditional masculinity in heterosexual relationships may be linked.

It’s important to remember that culture plays a big role in how women decide which qualities in men are attractive. Due to the small sample size and cultural specificity of the American women examined in this study, broad generalizations about masculinity, facial hair, and male appeal should not be made. But this research is important because it shows that people’s decisions about how to look are affected by more than just fashion trends. Sociobiological, economic, and ecological factors all play a role in how we choose to show ourselves.

Other studies have shown that women find men with beards to be more attractive, and they also think they would make better partners and parents. Research shows that women see a beard as a sign of stability, which suggests that men with beards are more interested in long-term relationships than in short-term ones.

A beard may be a fashion statement; it can complement any personal style or clothing—depending on the type of beard you sport, of course—and it can be a good change of pace for your overall appearance if you’ve ever wanted to experiment with a new grooming routine.

Therefore, the ultimate question is: which type should I sport?

It all boils down to selecting the proper facial hair for your face shape. In recent years, popular styles have ranged from the 5 o’clock shadow stubble to longer facial hair (like Keanu Reeves’ “scruff”) to the short, well-groomed business beard or goatee. It’s never a terrible idea to mimic a fashion icon like George Clooney, right?

A full beard with long facial hair designed to frame the chin, dubbed the “Viking beard” by some, is also gaining popularity. Additionally, it might indicate vigor and masculinity.

Which Beard Styles Are Popular Among Women?

It can be difficult to find a beard style that all women agree on, but you can bet that the ideal style is the one that complements your facial shape. Not everyone can pull off a goatee, stubble, or scruff; some guys look better with a full beard, while others like a well-groomed compromise.

The same study showed that women generally find light stubble to be the most attractive type of facial hair. A 2016 study from the University of Queensland found that men with long beards are more stable and more likely to be in a long-term relationship. If you’re not sure how to style your facial hair, go for something smooth, well-kept, and unique.

You’ll be able to recognize and even copy the twenty most popular beard styles after reading the next few paragraphs.

1. Full-face

This is a classic style among the bearded. The disadvantage is that not all guys can afford it. With this form of beard, you must remove the hairs outside the cheek lines and allow the rest to grow organically. Before your beard reaches the proper length, it will likely become uneven.

He should wait at least four weeks before trimming his beard for the first time (define cheek lines). For a flawlessly trimmed full beard, we also recommend that you visit your barber for the initial trim. Therefore, if you are growing a beard for the first time, you will be able to maintain it with the lines that your barber drew.

2. Clean Shaven

Clean shaved women adore

This style is perhaps one of the most contemporary. As the name implies, guys sporting this beard style have no facial hair. Due to cleanliness concerns, this style is one of the most popular among women. In addition, this style is a statement of self-confidence. In other words, people who wear this style have nothing to conceal in terms of their facial features. Some, however, do not stop with their facial hair but prefer to keep their full body shaved as their spouse finds it cleaner for romance.

3. Medium  To a little hairy

This beard is longer than the “Short Stubble” (about 3 to 5 mm long). This style is often four to six days in length. To keep it at the right length, use a beard trimmer with a jig, like the “Short Stubble” model. The hair should be trimmed or shaved below the Adam’s apple and outside of your cheek lines.

4. Light and short

This short beard style is easy to achieve. Simply shave it completely, and after a few days, it will reach the ideal length. Once it reaches the correct length, you should use a beard trimmer with a jig to maintain it. The hair should be trimmed or shaved below the Adam’s apple and outside of your cheek lines.

5. Stylish Long and stubble

The long stubble facial hair style is entirely original. Although quite similar to the full beard, it is distinguished by the parting of the hairs at the chin level. Hence, his name is French Fork. This style of beard has become more popular since Jack Sparrow made it famous in Pirates of the Caribbean.

8. Goatee Manly Style

This beard style was inspired by a goat’s. Actually, just the area beneath your chin contains hair. No mustache is seen in this kind of facial hair. Those with a goatee allow a line to develop from their chin to their lower lip. Additionally, the width of your goatee should match that of your mouth. Depending on your desire, the two lines that define the ends of your beard might be vertical or slightly slanted. Finally, using a trimmer and jig, you should round the area underneath your chin.

9. Ductail Fancy  Style

Indians Favourite the ducktail beard

This style is taken from the full beard and is influenced by ducktails. Men who sport this style enjoy it because it combines their natural style with a hint of sophistication. To achieve this beard style, trim the upper portion of your beard with a trimmer and jig while allowing the portion below your chin to grow to the appropriate length.

10  The Famous Verdi

The Verdi style combines the big beard and the imperial beard styles. This beard style was influenced by the romantic Italian opera composer Giuseppe Verdi, whose best-known works are La Traviata, Nabucco, and Rigoletto. The length of lower lip hairs should never exceed 10 centimeters. Applying mustache or beard wax is the best way to style a mustache that looks different from a beard and takes the right shape. The mustache should extend around 1.5 centimeters past the corners of your mouth.

11. Firm Extended Goatee

This combination of mustache and goatee is also known as the Hollywoodian and the tailback. By changing the shape and angle of the beard’s extensions, this style can be changed in many ways. People with this style of beard usually have a goatee connected to sideburns. Sideburns grow freely until they reach a specific length and draw an imaginary line at the corners of your mouth. Outside the lines of your cheekbones and chin, you should shave the hairs.

 Firm Extended Goatee Beard Style

15.  Boat Anchor Shape

This facial hair style resembles a boat anchor. A person’s anchor beard can’t have sideburns, and the beard must go all the way down the jawline. The mustache should then follow the contours of the mouth. A line connects the beard at the level of the chin to the lower lip. When your beard reaches the proper length, you should always trim it with a trimmer and jig. This beard style is ideal for men with square or oval heads.

16. Italian  Balbo

The Balbo beard style came from an Italian fascist during World War II, which is an interesting story. In reality, it was raised by Air Marshal Italo Balbo, a subordinate of Mussolini. Today, the well-known actor Robert Downey Jr. is recognized for sporting this style. This beard style is composed of three sections.

First and foremost, your mustache follows the contour of your mouth. The chin hairs that are related to the lower lip are next. Finally, the section of hair behind your chin should resemble an inverted “T.” This beard style is ideal for guys with a small chin as well as those who have had difficulty trimming a Van Dyke beard.

17. Friendly Mutton Chops beard

The Friendly Mutton Chops style resembles the Mutton Chops quite closely. The primary distinction resides in the length of the hairs. Instead of having long, thick sideburns that reach the chin, they must follow the contours of your cheekbones and end in the center of your chin. You should trim with both a beard trimmer and a jig in order to achieve a clean and even cut.

18. Royal Dutch

This beard style is quite dated. This was commonly worn by loggers at the time. This beard style is quite similar to the Garibaldi style if a mustache is not present. Sideburns are associated with facial hair that grows beneath the chin and jaw.

!9.  Cool Winter

This is one of the most natural styles. Contrary to the Garibaldi style, there is no maximum length for this kind. The winter beard style includes a mustache and a full beard. This increasingly fashionable style can keep you toasty during the cold winter months. This kind requires regular applications of beard oil. Maintaining such a beard is vital.

20. Infamous Garibaldi Beard

This style is ideal for people who like their beards long and unkempt. This kind resembles a full beard. This one’s chin is rounded, and the mustache is integrated. Garibaldi’s beard length should not exceed 20 centimeters. People with this style typically let their beards grow to chin level naturally and keep their mustaches clean.

How to Create a Beard that Women Adore

We’ve established that in general, women do appreciate beards, or at least light stubble or well-kept facial hair. However, there is something even more crucial to remember: you must use the best beard treatments to maintain your facial hair in check so that the end result is facial hair that ladies find attractive and appealing. If you want to grow the perfect beard, think of special balms, oils, and even brushes as your secret weapons for the purpose.

Beard-growing is a deliberate fashion choice. If you do not properly care for and maintain yours, you are doing it a disservice. The better you look after your beard, the more attractive it will be to ladies.

The Final Word

With a beard trimmer, a man grooms and trims his facial hair.

While you may have pondered for years if ladies actually enjoy beards, we’re here to give you the final answer: yes. Yes, they do, but it’s not quite that straightforward. As you let your stubble grow out or cut your beard shorter, you should carefully think about the facial hair style that goes best with your looks and the impression you want to give the world.

There is no question that women will find your beard—and, by implication, you—appealing if you properly care for and maintain it and if you choose the perfect style for your facial shape. We believe this to be a winning grooming method.

The beard lovers

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