There are quite a few important motives of a human being: Desires, Dreams, and Goals. Dreams give your life purpose and maintain the desire to do things. We all have them, but only a few still know how to follow the right path to attain them. Dreams reveal what you truly understand and feel about a subject. They steer you in the direction of what you require for development, wholeness, expression, and the health of your interactions with people, places, and things. 

Dream coming true is real.

Dreams can aid in refining one’s course of action and finding unfinished business. They cannot lie since they are a reflection of your subconscious mind’s most fundamental thinking. Therefore, it can only be the purest manifestation of your cosmic accomplishment or relationships. It is as transparent as the purest water found in nature. Gauri Shankar once stated that dreams do not come true, rather, they are real. When we discuss our dreams coming to fruition, we are discussing our objectives.

Are dreams to be taken seriously

In order to realise your dream, you must have a clear understanding of your life goals. Being precise about your goals and aspirations will accelerate your success. Writing it down in a diary or journal is one approach to remembering the details and keeping them fresh in your mind. If you do not know your goal, you will not be capable of achieving it.

Ultimately, dreaming is about awakening. The unconscious, from which dreams emerge, appears to have an image of how you’re supposed to be, and it works day and night to bring this potential to life. It frequently knows things about which you are otherwise ignorant, things that stay invisible in the broad sunshine of consciousness, just as the stars play to a hollowness when the sun is blazing. Some things are only seen in the dark. Attempting to solve problems, navigate, or establish priorities without the knowledge provided by dreams is akin to being a judge with only half the facts.

Can Money Buy Your Dream

As a related contentious question to “Can money buy your dreams or have the power to convert your dreams into reality? “, the majority of those without money will say no, whereas the majority of those with money will say yes, even if they are dissatisfied.

Money can purchase things, and in some instances, it can buy you your dreams. If you are materialistic and desire anything, you might conclude that the answer is “yes,” but what about people who are not materialistic? Can money purchase anything for them?

Talking to stars

For instance, if your ambition is to have stars plucked from the sky and placed in a bowl on the centre table of your living room, no amount of money can grant you this wish. The bigger meaning of the question “Can money buy you your dream?” is that if your dream is realistic but difficult to attain, with the power of hard and focused labour and the ability to use money wisely to achieve your ambition, it is quite possible to live your dreams.

Regardless of your priorities, you spend the majority of your day working to get enough money to fulfil your ambition and finally have enough to stop worrying about it. However, it can end up being the reverse, causing stress and a great deal of distress in your life.

The situations it creates surely cause you to push your dream aside and make you want money more. As a result, it is true what is claimed that money rarely allows you to fulfil your dreams because it often serves as a motivating factor to veer off course or abandon your goals. 

Dreaming of making your dream real

Here, you should realise that a dream is just that—a dream. It is not a physical object that can be assessed in a materialistic way. Can you judge your dream while holding it? Therefore, since it is only a conscious thing, you need to see it differently on a different platform. Obviously, the answer is No. Because a conscious mind would always analyse something theoretically and through worldly lenses, that could be your subconscious mind judging while you sleep.

One should be aware that there is a cosmic element connected to their dream, which is frequently referred to as luck. Someone may tell you that your dreams came true through sheer luck. What does it mean? Your inner soul is connected to the forces of the universe, and it is these forces that are actively working to fulfil your dreams. If you’re on the correct path (righteousness), this all-pervasive force will guide you to make the proper decisions and have you performing well enough to see your goal come true right before your very eyes.

Dreaming is the experience of turning your inner thoughts or deeply ingrained wishes into something tangible that may be treasured and the joy felt in abundance. Perhaps taking a flight in an exceptionally exotic airbus, relaxing on a beach under a bright sun, or sailing through an exotic wilderness gives you joy. Your dream is dependent once more on the circumstances that money creates because none of them would be entirely or even largely possible without it.

Day dreaming in peace

How Can You Make Your Dreams a Reality?

All successful people adhere to a system of rules, routines, and guiding principles that enable them to reach their objectives. You can make your dreams come true if you have the correct mindset, exert the right amount of effort, and have a sensible strategy. There will be ups and downs along the way, but if you learn from your failures, you will have a greater chance of achieving your goals and becoming much wiser in the process.

Create an action plan

Regarding plans, there is no “one size fits all” solution. Each plan is dependent on the individual who creates it and their aspirations. The secret to building your own action plan lies within you, and you must seek it out. Document each phase of your plan. However, if you feel the need to adjust any step along the way, do not hesitate to do so.

Have a strong Will Power

You must transform your dream into an unquenchable passion in your heart. A strong will increases your confidence and aid you in achieving your goals. You will not take your dream seriously unless you transform it into a strong desire. A dream seems like something that might never come true. Once it has become a desire, you must transform it into a goal you must achieve no matter what.

Dream and wish feather

Set Short-Term Objectives and Checkpoints

Setting relatively brief goals will provide you with a timeline for each step towards your long-term objective. Taking tiny steps will help you achieve your goal without feeling overwhelmed. Additionally, minor achievements will increase your confidence. Reviewing your progress is essential for understanding what you have accomplished. This can help you determine which goals you’ve accomplished within a given time frame, whether you’re still on the path you set for yourself or whether you’ve diverged, and much more.

Visualize Success and be confident

Imagining success can aid in its manifestation. Close your eyes and visualise how you’ll feel once you’ve accomplished your goal. This is an effective motivational approach to use when you are feeling down or depressed on the path to reaching your objectives. If you want to attain your goals, you must accept that not everything would go as planned. You cannot become negative and pessimistic because of a few setbacks. Even if everything goes wrong, keep your optimism and self-assurance.

Be practical but judicious

Even while sprinting for your dream, you must take a moment to unwind. You don’t want to fill yourself with anxiety, which can prevent you from reaching your objectives. Failures are an excellent way to learn how not to do something. Learn from your failures rather than dwelling on them. Use your failures to get hungrier for your achievement. Review your errors and ensure that they are not repeated in the future.

Don’t deviate from the path

Your excuses are the deadliest adversary of your dream. The most successful individuals have the practice of never making excuses. Drop the justifications and proceed regardless of the hurdles in their path. Although there will be many individuals who wish to divert you from your dreams, and you should avoid them to prevent distractions, there will also be some who wish to assist you. Listen with caution and be receptive to constructive criticism.

Consider what is preventing you from achieving your goals. This is your obstacle, whether it’s a toxic buddy, a dead-end relationship, or a terrible habit; avoid these constraints and visualise yourself growing closer to your goals.

Looking towards your dream

Let’s look into what science has to offer

You might have experienced this in your life sometimes if not often. If you had a fantasy. you might have dismissed it finding it too hard to make it happen, but a day or week later, you see the exact dream unfolding in front of your eyes.

Strange stuff? Or are the laws of physics simply resolving themselves?

Some of these dreams may be dismissed as ordinary coincidences, but others are so accurate and unlikely that you cannot help but question if the true nature of time and your mind are intimately intertwined. So the big question. Are my dreams getting fulfilled?

Thus according to Dr Eric Amidi, (a Particle Physicist and Certified Hypnotist), the occurrences and incidences in our life are merely pictures. A “collage,” if you will, with no discernible arrangement.

Clock superimposed on face silhouette Dr Amidi emphasises that significant progress has been achieved in physics to understand the nature of time measurement. However, the nature of time itself is still largely unknown to science.

In fact, one of the reasons quantum mechanics and Einstein’s theory of gravity cannot be reconciled is that science has a strong grasp of time.

So why is time so pervasive that you can feel it everywhere, yet so mysterious that you cannot pin it down and define it? Could it be because you possess it? Could it be because it stems from your psyche and not the outside world?

Imagine that all the events that have occurred and will occur in your life are displayed on a wall as a collage of snapshots. However, you can only see a small piece of this wall due to your conscious mind’s restricted ability. Nonetheless, while you are dreaming or in deep meditation, your conscious, rational mind shuts down. This may enable you to see past the present and into the future. Your conscious mind can no longer arrange your life’s events in a logical sequence.

Without your conscious mind interfering, you get a glimpse of the events of your life that would be deemed your future in your waking state…–Dr. Eric Amidi

Realising your dream

When you relax and turn off your rational thinking, you may be willing to open your mind to a sense of what is to come and see the entire collage on the wall. Whenever it happened that your wish had been fulfilled, did you think about what might have led to it? It is likely due to the fact that you have reached a totally new region within your subconscious.

The greater the depth of your relaxation, the less your consciousness is present. Therefore, the less your brain is able to place your life’s events in chronological order, the more you are able to see a more comprehensive collage of past, present, and future happenings.

To disregard dreams is to rip out pages of your own growth story, which threads through the night shift, and to cut yourself off from the source from which your passions and callings arise. The technique of separating the actual life from the dreaming, the conscious from the unconscious, is like removing a plant from its roots, according to the majority of spiritual traditions.

Last But not Least

If you are unable to realise your dream, then reconsider it. Try to look at it from a new perspective. Often you will find the answer lies there. This is not intended to be depressing. Of course, you’ll have a better chance of succeeding if you put in the necessary effort and create sound plans. But the truth is that not everyone can fulfil their aspirations, especially if they involve becoming a well-known actor or author of a best-selling book.

At the end of the day, you may have all the talent and determination in the world, but you might not have been able to make it work. Even the most talented celebrities or famous people have had their fair share of luck. If this is the situation and you’ve tried often, you will eventually realise that you need to change your goals or set new ones to live a happy and meaningful life.

You cannot place your entire future on realising your one desire because if you do, you will undoubtedly feel like a failure. Instead of putting all your eggs in one basket, you must figure out a way to live a life that is gratifying in many different ways. Sure, you’ll have to adapt to your expectations, but in the end, you’ll feel more satisfied and confident in yourself.

Dream is just a dream

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