12 foods to be avoided for young and glowing skin 

12 foods for a glowing skin

A good skincare routine is a must for beautiful, radiant, and glowing skin. Right from moisturization, and exfoliation, to scrubbing, everything is important. However, there is a secret that affects your skin texture. Would you believe that your food can make you look ugly or beautiful? Surprisingly, it is a truth that many should know, but they don’t. 

While consuming food, we constantly consider intestinal health, cholesterol, lipids, and fats. But did you know that eating well is important for having beautiful, healthy, and glowing skin? It is equally important that certain foods can create great problems for us and go a long way toward making things ugly.

We cannot avoid outdoor pollution, sun, stress, hormones, and fast food while on the run and this plays havoc on our skin’s wellness which results in making our skin dull and prone to acne and pigmentation, and dark spots. And without seeing any long-lasting improvements, you wind up spending a fortune on skincare and makeup. For this reason, you must follow a skin-friendly diet that includes fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats.

We outline the optimal diet for glowing skin in this post, along with a list of items to eat and steer clear of. Adding it to your routine will give you a healthy, natural glow that will be better than any trick a makeup artist could use.

Diet and beauty

Diet and beauty go hand in hand. Even the smallest part of your diet has the potential to beautify your skin. Healthy foods have been discovered to extend the life of skin cells. On the other hand, unhealthy foods have been associated with the risks of skin cell damage and clogging of pores. 

Being an antioxidant is one of the best qualities of food. As their names suggest, these foods prevent the oxidation of skin cells. The most common examples of such foods are colorful vegetables and fruits. They are known to beat oxidative stress, which is a consequence of modern lifestyles. 

Simplicity is the key idea. It all comes down to eating the correct foods. It’s preferable to save certain foods for a cheat day meal, even if you are craving them. Additionally, it is preferable to retain it for a few occasions. 

Aging is a natural process that we just can’t avoid. But what we can least do is keep the beauty in us alive by protecting ourselves against harmful foods that are responsible for making us look dull or much older than we actually are. Adapting to a healthy diet begins with giving up harmful foods. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the foods that we should avoid for radiant and bright skin.


Alcohol not good for skin

Although it is regarded as a warm beverage for winter, it is the enemy of good skin. It is important to limit or completely stop its consumption. For this purpose, let’s understand how it works. In the simplest terms, it actually dilates our blood vessels. This leads to sudden heat in your body, which dehydrates the skin too. Blood artery dilatation can put the skin at risk for a number of things, including excessive dryness and skin wrinkles. However, the most severe cases can result in frostbite. If you want to keep glowing, it’s best to avoid the “alcohol blanket.”


Many people find the extra cheese loaded on snacks to be their main attraction. Be it pizza or any other delicacy, extra cheese makes it yummy. Since it’s a dairy product, it may be a good source of carbohydrates. 

However, the same is said to trigger the production of excess oil. This can lead to a number of skin problems. Excessive cheese consumption can cause acne, pimples, and other skin problems like eczema. Therefore, it’s better to have your favourite dish without that extra cheese. At least, your skin won’t have to suffer from the clogging of its pores and other issues. 


It’s extremely common for mothers to scold their kids for finishing their glass of milk. However, there are some facts that people should know about milk. 

Milk has a tendency to trigger the production of testosterone which accelerates acne. This may not be the issue for many people but a few people definitely do. 

The steroid hormone content in the milk is also responsible for insulin-like growth. One thing to note is that this risk lies more with skimmed milk. Additionally, more than thrice consumption per week has proved to be more harmful. 


Coffee is one of the most loved beverages after tea. It is consumed worldwide and trusted by workaholics. Its caffeine content is a superhero when it comes to keeping one awake. 

The same superhero can be a villain for the skin. Its caffeine content may be helpful in staying awake, but not for the skin. It leads to dehydration of the skin. Therefore, it is better to hydrate the skin before sipping on the second cup of coffee. 

In simple words, it is important for coffee addicts to enhance their consumption of water. On the other hand, it’s better to reduce caffeine consumption in any way. It will bring about a drastic change in the texture of your skin and help you retain that glowing skin of yours.

Fried foods 

It’s obvious one can’t resist the tempting taste and odour of deep-fried foods. In fact, every year almost 42% of people develop health issues by eating fried foods. They are known to clog the pores of the skin. 

This leads to the blockage of the skin’s respiratory tract. Consequently, it makes the skin look older. Moreover, excessive fried food consumption can trigger the balancing of hormones in teens. Apart from normal hormonal issues, it is also responsible for the complexion change.

Low-fat yogurt

Low-fat diets are often recommended by experts to compensate for the deficiency of nutrients. Of course, many people don’t like high-fat content. It causes weight gain and other issues. Many people, however, don’t know about the complications. 

However, low-fat yogurt is not a good choice. It leads to skin issues that wouldn’t be preferred by many people. Therefore, experts advise people to limit the consumption of low-fat yogurt. The main reason here is the sugar content in low-fat foods. There are many alternatives that can compensate for this. 

For example, coconut milk yogurt, cashew-based yogurt, pea protein, soy-based protein, mashed banana, and avocado. These foods are extremely helpful in compensating for a protein deficiency. Avocado helps to naturally balance the radiance in your skin, making it a good alternative for achieving the glowing skin you desire.


For glowing skin

Having a doughnut right after dinner makes it more interesting. Those sweet and munchy delights are loved by many people. However, the sugar content of such foods is extremely harmful. 

Besides the risks of diabetes, it has a lot to offer to one’s body. It’s about the skin. It fluctuates the collagen of the skin. This makes it stiff enough and leads to premature aging. Therefore, it directly makes the skin look old. Therefore, it is important to consume sugary delights in limited amounts.

If it seems tough to resist sweet foods, there are many options. For example, cookies with no sugar content are the best in such cases. Those options offer less sugary content or no sugar at all


Italian cuisine is the favourite of many people. Pasta is one of the best dishes that serve as a treat. However, foods with a high glycemic index, such as pasta, make it difficult for the body’s immune system to attack the bacteria that cause breakouts and clogged pores.

This high level of fat content can be dangerous. It can contribute to weight gain, increase the rate of heart disease, and even cause some skin irritations in rare cases. 


As already explained, sugar content can lead to skin problems and often turns out to be the main culprit for lowering your glowing skin. Apart from the addition of weight, it can be a factor in skin problems. People enjoy it as a normal beverage as well as with other drinks. 

It is slowly coming to notice that this beverage has high sugar content. It can make one’s skin more exposed to acne. People may not realize it. Eventually, it becomes a great problem with time. 

Apart from acne, the accelerated production of wrinkles is a common issue. It is important for soda fans to control their tastes. Or, they might have to face serious consequences. 


Gluten may be fine for the majority of the global population. It makes up an integral component of almost every tasty food. However, there are some people who find it harmful. 

Such people have been reported to develop acne and skin inflammation after the consumption of Gluten. The common sources of Gluten include wheat, bread, oats, pasta, starch, semolina, milk, and noodles. 

Some good sources of Gluten-free food are vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, poultry products, Gluten-free grains, and similar foods. They are better alternatives to Gluten-free and fiber-rich foods. 

Whey proteins 

Fitness enthusiasts may be unaware of this. Yes, whey protein consumption is harmful to their skin. It is a popular food for all weight-training enthusiasts because it is inexpensive and contains a lot of protein from animals.

This effect is caused by a hormonal imbalance. This is comparable to the effect of milk. It may cause an increase in insulin levels. Whey proteins act in the same way, causing acne and other skin problems that get in the way of glowing skin.

To compensate for the proteins, there are numerous options. Brown rice, soy, pea proteins, and hemp proteins are common food substitutes in this case.

!2 great foods for glowing skin

Trans fat 

Most packaged foods contain trans fats. It is an integral component and part of the manufacturing process, whether it is a simple snack or a delicious meal. This indicates that people consume trans fats in small or large amounts. This is why legal restrictions on trans fats have been imposed. However, this does not imply that people are aware of its negative consequences. People are taking it in a variety of ways.

As a result, trans fat raises cholesterol levels, which leads to heart disease over time. Leaving that aside, the important thing to note here is that it also contributes to the development of skin issues such as acne and pimples. We must sacrifice foods that contain trans fats for our glowing skin.

Now let us look into the different skin conditions which also determine which type of food to avoid as well as to consume.

Oily skin

Clogged pores are a worldwide problem, and oily skin is one of the most vulnerable types of skin. This is due to the fact that oily skin feeds bacteria and other microbes, providing them with a rich environment in which to grow. As a result, you may lose your glowing skin.

The main source of such complications is fatty, Omega-6-rich food. One more culprit of such issues is salty food. It dehydrates the skin and causes it to produce more oil. Many skin care products also prevent the production of excessive oils. This clearly shows that excessive oil should be avoided in food habits.

This cycle of deficiency of oil and its compensation makes the skin suffer. Therefore, junk food is the main villain in excessive oil secretion. 

Wrinkles and fine lines 

If nutritional needs are not met, they can lead to serious skin problems such as wrinkles and fine lines., resulting in the loss of glowing skin. Aging is another unavoidable factor that causes fine lines and wrinkles to become more visible.

A diet full of antioxidants and similar vitamins and minerals leads to a delayed aging process. Therefore, foods rich in antioxidants, like leafy greens and fruits, should be consumed as much as possible. One should start checking one’s diet once the skin shows aging signs.


Whiteheads are closed skin pores or hair follicles that are clogged with oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells. This is an outcome of an unhealthy skincare routine. 

When talking about food habits, eating junk food and processed food can also cause it. The common thing in all junk foods is the accumulation of oils. 

The remedy to this issue is to cut that extra sugar or use super-refined sugar. The best alternative to sugar comes in the form of zinc supplements. They are the best in fulfilling the lack of sugar in the diet. 


It occurs for all people of all ages. Yes, it’s acne that doesn’t find it tough to target people of all ages. Be it teens, adults, or old people, the majority are suffering from acne. 

Certain foods like pasta loaded with cheese and glycemic content are the worst. Eating too many dairy products can also lead to the production of acne. One should not forget chocolate as an acne-causing factor. 

Oils like coconut oil, olive oil, and others are considered healthy for the body. Little do people know that these oils have a tendency to cause acne.


Many women and men, too, suffer from blackheads. They are open skin pores or follicles of hair that are clogged with oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells. 

This is the consequence of eating excessive fats, sugars, chocolates, dairy milk, and junk food. Not only solid foods but sugary drinks are also known to cause dangers to the skin. 

The cause of blackheads comes from hormonal imbalances. This may again arise from the foods that are consumed carelessly. 

These are not the only issues that are proof of unhealthy food consumption. There is more to know. Getting into research and consulting experts might be a good step toward the achievement of this goal. 

glowing skin maintenance


It is evident from this write-up that food has an adverse impact on one’s health. Since the skin is the human’s biggest organ, it also has to undergo a number of consequences. This write-up mentions only a few food items that cause skin issues. However, the list is very long. 

There is a long list of issues that must be addressed, ranging from acne to wrinkles, from clogged pore skin to peeled-off skin, and so on. Medication, consultation, exercise, and a healthy diet are all possible solutions to this set of issues. This is an important part of self-care and should be included in one’s routine.

This would not be easy in the beginning. It may involve ditching one’s favorite delicacy and choosing the road not taken. However, it’s worth it once the skin reaches its goal of young and glowing skin. 

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